Unhappy Camper

As I turned the corner in to the State park I was greeted with a car in my lane facing the wrong direction, blocking the welcome board and map of the park. I get a wave from the passenger in the back seat to go around. Having no choice, considering my trailer was still sticking out on hwy 1, I steer around. After entering the park there are two large loops. Campsites with pits and picnic tables scatter the route. Many have large slopes to them and are not quite long enough for me to park. The mh is 28 feet and the trailer is another 12. Making the task more challenging the park host has placed “RESERVED” signs on the site markers. The dates of the reservations are written in the tiniest of print with ball point pen. So if a spot has potential I have to climb out and check the reserved sign.

I find a site that I think could be long enough. After wiggling back and forth in the site I get out to check my handy work and realize I’m too long. So I climb back in the mh and look for another spot. Almost back at the beginning of the one way loop I find another site I’m willing to try. Maneuvering a trailer with such a short tong is quite the task. I’m confident I’m in & shut the mh off, harness up the mutt and was off to go look at the message/fee board. We walk up to the board check out the map and see the fee is $35 for my dirt strip, no hook up and no trail head to the beach from here.

I wasn’t too impressed with the park yet, so I wanted to check out the bathrooms and showers. Not good, no shower and yucky bathrooms. I decided to go back to mh to fire off the lap top and check out how far the next State park is. Walking back I see the mh is really not in enough anyways and the passenger side nose is still poking out a little too far. Climbing back into the mh I grab a soda, start the generator, and fire off the lap top. No Internet signal, not even cell phone clinches it for me. I pack everything away and start up the beast. I was tired but not willing to stay here.

Just as I approach the exit there is a man watching me. As I coast up to him he raises both his arms with a gesture of “what happened?” I stop and roll down my window. He says “not going to stay?” I reply “No, I don’t really fit in any of the spaces” His reply was short and stern “you owe me $5 then!” I thought he was joking and reply “you’re kidding me right?” and laugh. His reply was harsh and authoritative tone “you took your dog for a walk and that’s day use. This is a fee park. You parked so you owe me $5”. So at his point it’s not the $5 for me. I explained to him again that I would have liked to stay here but I don’t fit in any spot, there is no signal for my Internet stick and I can’t even get a cell phone signal. Not to mention I was not even in the park for more than 10 minutes. I refuse to pay $5 for a park I cannot and would not stay at. Now the ranger replies there are two spots on the other loop I would fit in. I laugh and respond that because of his rudeness I would not stay in this park if it was free. His rebuttle was I could park down the road a mile for free. I thought that was my point.

The ranger and I go back and forth a few more times and he threatens me with turning me in to the forest service. Stunned and speechless as a car pulled in off the hwy to the park. I Realized I was blocking the entrance as much as the other car was blocking me as I entered the park. I look at the ranger in disgust and say “whatever dude” and took off. I would have loved to have had a little light pick up and peeled out of there rocks flying, no such luck with a mh & trailer. I wish I had a picture of the dumpy little park but I wasn’t there long enough to even bust out the camera!

So this story may continue, only time and the mail man will tell us.

John Little State Park

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By Gypsyqueen on March 2nd, 2010 at 5:41 am

I’m not a copy writter, thank you for the compliment. I’m working on my memoirs and this is a test of my writting abilities. Trying to get a feel for my writing style.


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