The Mutt

So I ordered a bag for the dog to ride on the bike. I found it online way back in October. There were all kinds of availability issues and it had to be sent to Susan in California. The weather was really bad so the first opportunity to try it out was on my visit with Steve in Whittier, hour and ten away. I’ve had the bag lying around so Chewy could get used to it. He actually loves the bag and takes naps in it when it’s not on the bike.


I’d like to be at Steve’s before football starts at noon. So we take off elevenish. Pretty intense drive on the bike, I-5 Cali is tough, people are crazy. No noise out of the mutt. He seems content and quite. He loved visiting with Steve’s family. They are looking onto getting their own dog so he was the center of attention and ate up every second of it. We had a great time even if the Vikings did loose.

Now it’s time to go. We were walked out to the bike and Chewy does NOT want to go. Pulling on his leash rumbling in his throught. I’m thinking tough dude we have to get home. He has no choice. I forgot his hoodie and it’s dark and chilly by now. So with huge protest I stuff Chewy in my fleece head warmer that turns into a bag and stuff that into his bag hopeing he will be warm enough.

The entire hour plus ride home he was whimpering scratching and trying to get his way out. I felt horrible, but there was nothing I could do we had to get back to the home. Not to mention if we were going anywhere in the future he would have to ride in the bag. I’m thinking get used to it buddy.

We get back to the home and by now he is full on barking. I no more than shut off the engine and get him out on his leash. He instantly RUNS over to the lawn and takes a big poo. Bad mommy didn’t take the dog for one more walk before she stuffed him in! He held it for over an hour, I’m not sure I could have done that!

We have since gone on other bike rides. Much shorter and warmer weather. He loves the bike. I will always walk the dog before rides.

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