St. David, AZ

After my fiasco in the desert I was looking forward to a 4 night 5 day plugged in campground. Unfortunately the campground was a huge disappointment, but the free price was right. I didn’t take any pictures of the grounds, it was that bad. The only bright spot was the pool and hot tub that I used nightly. It was on one of these trips I met Steve and Stevie. A wonderful couple from Olympia who just started full timing it. We had great conversation and laughs well past the closing hour. They were incredibly graciouse to invite me over for dinner the next night.

I took a day trip out to Tombstone, the real wild west. As I drive south on 80 I can imagine the wagons crossing this great land. Cowboys on their horses and guns on their hips. Make no mistake the Wild West is still going strong. It is no longer the cowboys and Indian version; it is border patrol and the Mexicali.

I don’t understand the system. There are signs stating “border patrol check point 30 miles” with a huge pull off and garbage cans. Then, another sign, “border patrol 10 miles” again a huge pull off with dumpsters, yet another at 3 miles. It’s almost like they are telling you to stop, let your illegal passengers out with the big bags of drugs, go through our check point and find them later, strange. The border patrol apparently likes to just hang out on the side of the road or just off in the desert. You can see them, just sitting there, in their bright green SUVs’, binoculars in hand, looking, searching. I’m really curiouse what the catch ratio is. Some of the check points have dogs, I wonder if they are trained to smell people or drugs, maybe both.

Tombstone has become quite commercial. They have reenactments of gun fights and Doc Holiday, actors walk around town for photo ops and handing out coupons to restaurants and bars. I took a few pictures but didn’t stay long. I headed south to Bisbee.

I recently started reading JA Jance; many of her books are based out of Cochise County so I enjoyed seeing what had been described in her books. I stopped and had a really great lunch with a fellow bike rider who paced me for 20 miles or so. Bisbee is an old mining town that runs though a narrow canyon so the sun was already down for the day, the temperature dropping quickly. I thank my lunch date (he paid), gave him my blog and head back, looking for the sun. I still don’t feel like I have warmed up yet on this trip.

Mind you it’s 63 out and I’m wearing chaps and my mariner sweatshirt. I’m cruising at 65 on a two lane highway when I notice in my mirror the truck that has been following me is speeding up and catching me. Instead of passing me he is keeping pace on my left. I scoot over to the right of my lane thinking he will go around. He just eases closer and the passenger window rolls down. I start to slow & look over thinking this guy is nutso. The passenger is trying to hand me a pair of heavy work gloves & shouts at me “nice pair”. I laugh & shake my head, not really interested in trying to pass a pair of glove going 65mph. Not to mention I have two pair in my saddle bags. The man shakes his head and shouts “LOCO” and they drop back behind me and follow me all the way through St. David.

I get back to camp, shower and clean up for my dinner with the Steve’s. I can smell something fantastic before I’m anywhere near there spot. I arrive to see Steve outside grilling this incredible pork loin roll with some kind of orange reduction and candied pecans.

Stevie comes out and greets me with a big smile and invites me into their coach. It’s lovely, top of the line. I’m in awe of their coach, real shower in a full sized bathroom, even a washer dryer. There is definitely a difference between a coach and a motorhome. I have a motorhome, this is a coach, first class all the way.  She mixes me a drink and a wonderful evening begins. The meal was incredible and the company was fantastic. They were kind enough to send me home with some leftovers. One of the many topics of discussion was their faith. They are Jehovah witnesses and they’ve invited me to Sunday service at the Kingdom Hall. Always curious about other people and their beliefs I accepted the invitation.  My family has never participated in organized religion so I am fortunate enough to be open to any and all beliefs; each to their own is my bottom line. I enjoyed the service and the people were so friendly and welcoming.

Saint David, AZ
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By Ron Cook on February 22nd, 2010 at 7:55 am

lookin good Lori. good images and good stories.. your gettin this blog thing down!


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