Shiner, TX

Shiner, the cleanest little city in Texas. I specifically stopped in this little city to take a tour of the K. Spoetzl Brewery, where they brew Shiner beer. I intended to just stay one night, and continue on. The city park has four camp spots for RV’s only, water and power for $5 a night. I had the beautiful park to myself, Chewy had a blast chasing the ducks by the stream. It was heaven, the park has a “driving range” with yard markers, where you use your own golf balls. I brought two five gallon buckets full of golf balls with me on this trip and I have the retriever bag, so I was set. The weather has finally started to warm up to a nice 70 and the sun is out in full force. I’m able to take the bike out of the trailer, and go for a spin with the mutt.

The tour of the brewery was awesome, unfortunately no cameras were allowed inside. There was a tasting room and a short film on the history of the brewery. I have found a new favorite, Shiner 101. The tour takes you to a viewing room where you can watch the workers bottle and label.

I stopped in at Maeker’smy first night. After I walked in and ordered my Shiner, a woman in the corner had the ice breaker. With a nice slow drawl, “What’s up with that big ass camera?” I made many fast friends after that and came back for the next three nights. You have to love a tavern and liquor store that sells Shiner bottles at happy hour for 50 cents, even full price is just $1. How can you go wrong when they also sell homemade sausage? I ended up staying in Shiner for four nights and I went on the brewery tour three times. The sausage was tasty.

Shiner, TX

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