Rock Hound State Park, NM

I leave Kitt Peak ready to try my hand at rock hounding again. I head East on I10 and stop just inside the New Mexico Border. I was disappointed in my attempts to find the Opal Hill Mine but not discouraged enough to not try again. Considering this State Park is called “Rock hound State Park” I think the odds are with me I can find it, whether or not I find some treasures we will see.

I have been asked to pick up a piece of furniture in Albuquerque and deliver it on my way through Texas. I would not be going north if it was not for this request. The weather has finally started to cooperate and I’m not anxious to go back to the cold, I’ve heard rumors of snow in Albuquerque. I don’t know where the pick up is yet and I plan on staying warm until I receive a phone call.

The park is wonderfully maintained and there are hiking trails throughout the hills. I brought many tools with me to aid in the search of rock. I took the pedal bike down to the ranger station to find out what I was looking for.  Chewy does not like to go for walks much anymore. The desert has these dried little barbs that stick in his paws. I was told later they are “goats heads”, I can not convince him to leave the motorhome.

Unknowingly the first day would prove to be my best. I spent three more days digging around, finding pink and brown jasper even some black perlite. I found many golf ball sized geodes not worth keeping. I was pleased with my baseball sized geode and was curiouse what was inside. I returned to the ranger station to ask about my finds. The ranger suggested a little Museum on the outskirts of town. They have the wet saw you need to cut the geodes. The museum was easily found and I was amazed at the volume of geodes that were piled up on the grounds. Some were still whole but most had been dissected already, showing the crystals and gems inside. The average being  soccer ball size; my poor little geode looked even smaller.

For 50 cents and two minutes of time my geode was cut in half. More interesting than the contents was the man cutting my geode. I spent an hour listening to him talk about his solar panels and the history of the area.

I receive a message from Kimmy with the address and phone number of her friend Louise in Albuquerque. Checking the weather it appears I have a two day window, so with geode treasure in hand I hot foot it north.

Deming, NM

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By Brenda on June 24th, 2010 at 12:29 pm

I bought some geodes from a roadside stand, but don’t know where to get them cut open in Albuquerque. Does anyone have a suggestion?

By Dick Zimmermann on November 25th, 2010 at 2:04 pm

See what is happening to the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum at


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