Picachoo State Park, AZ

Leaving Blythe and heading East on 10, I spot several campers and trailers pulled off in the desert on BLM land. I take the next exit, Tom Well Road and head out on the dirt road, passing  campers and trailers until I’m alone in the desert. There is something appealing to me about the desert. I love the cool crisp nights and hot days. Chewy is not nearly as impressed as I am. He does love the heat and enjoys sitting in the sun even on warm days. Unfortunatly  the cactus barbs stick to his paws and he can’t find anything to pee on other  than my tires.  I spend the next four days here.  One of the evenings there  was a brief rain and the desert air filled with this acrid creosote smell that I’m not acustomed too. Not exactly perfume but I still enjoyed  walking the dog. I worked on the trailer, sanding the tongue down,  priming & painting it. Sadly I discovered anything in the lower exterior bins on the motorhome are soaked and moldy.  So the neat freak in me decided to empty all bins, sort, pitch and reorganize what was left. 

Excited about my reservation at Kitt Peak observatory on Tuesday I plot my route to Picacho State Park, about 65 miles from Kitt Peak.  I stop in Yuma and get an oil change in the mh and do some “town” stuff.  I make my way  to the painted Rock Mountains to check out some petroglyphs.  We arrive just about lunch time, (I pay my $2 for day use) make lunch and take the mutt for a  quick walk. The trail to the petroglyphs is clearly marked with signs to stay on path and no dogs allowed. It’s a short 20 min walk to the site. I’m taking pictures and I notice there is an older man with two dogs walking high up on the hill all over the petrogylphs. I just kind of stopped and stared. I don’t understand why some people feel so righteous and don’t follow the rules. It reminded me of Hawaii and the coral reefs, people walking on them and breaking chunks off as souvenirs when there are clearly signs not too. There is obviously a rope barrier for a reason, you should not be there. The petroglyphs were drawn by hunters and gatherers in 500ad, archaic times. There are also many inscriptions from the 1800’s. I take a few more pictures and decide I better get out of there before I confront the man about his disrespect.

We hit the road arriving at Picachoo state park after dark and find a spot with hook ups for $12 a night. Quite the bargain, just the unlimited hot water in a nice big shower I use up my $12.

The next morning is glorious and sunny. Chewy and I decide to check out the park and go for a hike. There are many trails to choose from. This park has everything from a 1 mile desert flora tour to a steep 6 mile hike with steel cables where gloves are required. Sadly this park is scheduled to close in June permanently due to budget cuts.

Half way through our hike Chewy gets tired but does not want to quit. For an old dog he sure does love to run on the beach and hike in the mountains. I stash him away in the back pack and we keep going, we hiked a total of 12 miles that day. Chewy beat me to bed and was snoring before I could even take my shoes off, he was exhausted!

We leave in the morning for Kitt Peak!!!

The anticipation and excitement  for my visit at the observatory woke me up early.  I squared away the home, dumped the tanks and filled up with water before 8am. I was ready to go! I wanted to stop at the Costco in Phoenix and fill up on gas, maybe grab a cheap polish dog for lunch. I should still be able to make Kitt Peak by 2pm. The night program doesn’t start untill 5pm but you can self tour the grounds and check out the Solar teliscope that isn’t part of the night program.

While I was in Costco I received a call from Kitt Peak. The night program has been canceled due to bad weather conditions. Sadly I called back and reschedualed for Friday the 5th. I don’t check in to St. David until Thursday so I’ll need to figure out where to go for two more nights. I’m not really motivated to go anywhere so I stay at the costco for the night. I discover there is a red box across the street and with a fresh Costco jug o whiskey my evening brightens nicely.

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