Blythe, CA

So I leave LA with Ellen breaking my heart. I had applied for tickets on line back in September and was not granted tickets. I called the day of ticket line for a week to no avail. I give up the dream and move on.

I head out of Castaic via 14 and over to 138. It has been suggested that I try out the date shake along 138. My cousins lived in LA for too many years and he would pass the huge date shake sign. On my recent visit with them we found dates at costco. Todd would whip up his version of the date shake using the vitamix blender, quite the appliance.

I stop for my date shake and also pick up some yogurt covered pretzels. I have to say Todd’s date shake kicks there date shakes booty. No competition. Still any shake is a great shake, down the road we go.

So my destination is Palo Verde and the “Opal Hill Mine”. I know it’s south of Blyth, I make it as far as the rest area out of Indio and I’m done driving for the day.

I woke up early and checked the net for a campground to plug in, dry out and do some repairs for a couple days. Maybe find out some more detailed info on the mine. There is a KOA on the Colorado river in Blyth. When we were children mother would take us camping at KOA’s. They were always a great stop, pool, hot tub, showers and always clean. This KOA did not disappoint. The hosts were friendly and told me about a rock and jem show in Quartside, 15 minutes away.

I used the pool and hot tub nightly, one night I met Randy & Debbie Garrison. They’ve run a family fencing business in Colorado for 30 years. We talked some shop and I told them my story. Debbie suggested I stay at a Western Horizon Resort. They generously gave me a gift certificate for four nights at one of the resorts. 

I spent the first day just cleaning up recharging everything and patching the hole in the roof from Palo Alto. Thursday I decide to check out the flea mart and rock show. I load up the mutt and we head over to Quartside for the fair. Lots of RV and flea mart booths. I would guess a one mile stretch of road with booths a block deep on both sides . We spent all day wandering around meeting people and checking things out. I didn’t try the deep fried Oreo’s or Twinkies but they were very popular.

Even with all the booths full of rock hounds no one has heard of the Opal Hill mine. I decide it wasn’t meant to be, now I need to figure out where I’m going next. I had hoped to go North to the Grand Canyon, the wave and Canyon de Chile but bad weather has hit hard and most of Northern Arizona has snow. I’ve finally dried out and gotten rid of the mold inside the windows. I’m not too anxious to head north again. So I decide to head into the desert. I made a reservation for Tuesday Feb 2nd at the Kitt Peak observatory South of Tucson.

Blythe, CA

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