So I recently decided to make some major life changes. I have always been a traveler. Ever since I could remember my dad had been a commercial fisherman. In the summers when he was away my mother would take my sister and I on road trips. Whether they were 20 min travels or two week trips to California, we always went somewhere new each summer. I started commercial fishing with my dad the summer of my 13th birthday. I gill-netted through my high-school years and graduated to working on tenders. Trying my hand at salmon, herring and even one season on a crabber. Starting out as a deckhand and working my way up the ranks. I would work six months in Alaska then travel during the off season. I even tried my hand at getting my skippers licence and went back to school. Never the scholar, I didn’t follow thru. I basically lived out of a backpack for 10 years.

I entered what I though was a stable relationship and we started a construction company. The relationship ended poorly and I was left holding the bag. We had signed contracts and deposits taken. I fell back on the support and knowledge of my father and built a successful business. I Bought a house, became a responsible tax paying member of society. I had two crews, six employees at one point. My father passed away three years ago and my heart wasn’t in it after that. With the crash of the housing industry and stock market, I decided I needed a change. I had a good run, another 10 years has gone by.

I think it’s a midlife crisis & I’m rolling with it. I’ve sold all worldly possessions, leased out my house and hit the road with my 28 foot Jayco motor-home pulling a 12 foot in-closed trailer with my 2006 Honda Shadow in it. I’m off to warmer climate, who knows where the road will lead me…….